Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I have finally finished the Arabs for Blaze Away miniatures after what seems like a very long time. I really need to improve the time that I take to sculpt a miniature but they are worth the wait I think.

Next I am on with some more Spanish Napoleonics for Eagle figures and then I have another project which I can't disclose and I am also starting my own range of figures. This is something that I have been talking about doing for quite some time but I am finally getting round to it. I look forward to posting pics as they are completed.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

S P L E N D I F O R O U S !!!! Really fabulous work again Ian !!

Tidyfiguremaker said...

Cheers Andy, I enjoyed doing these which is always a bonus. Still have to do some proper horses though as those ones have medieval tack on them

Jo Bling said...


Heck, that's what they look like to me, anyway ;-) Top stuff Ian!