Friday, December 14, 2007

At the moment I am trying to finish off a couple of commissions that I have still. I'm working on a command group for the Spanish Infantry that I sculpted recently for Eagle figures pictured above. The figures and faces in particular are coming out quite nicely and I am really pleased with them. I am also working on some French Foreign Legion and Arabs for Blaze away miniatures.
If I get time I also have some ideas for some figures that I would like to produce for myself. I'm not sure how well they would sell but I'm fairly certain that I could at least make the production costs back. You have to take risks in this life to get anywhere.

Just added a new building to my Deadwood terrain range, it's a mining and assay office which based around the same design as the Dry good's store. Due to popular demand and a lot of inquiries I decided to make the building with a lift off roof. I always forget about figures when I put them inside buildings but at least the option is there. I am in the planning stages at the moment for the next building which is going to be a Sherrif's office/jailhouse.